Who Benefits

Craniosacral Balancing Biodynamic Therapy

Craniosacral Balancing Biodynamic Theraphy supports the healing of;


 • Pains and chronic conditions - headaches, migraines, back pain, herniated discs, muscles, joint and jaw pains, TMJ syndrome and sinusitis
 • Tensions in neck, back, and joints
 • Stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, and nervousness
 • Tinnitus and vertigo
 • Extreme tiredness and chronic fatigue
 • Irregularities of the ANS - sleeplessness, depressions, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activation
 • Emotional and physical shock and trauma
 • Weakened immune system - colds, inflammations, arthritis and fever
 • Hormonal imbalances, PMS, and menopause
 • Psychosomatic imbalances - depression, sleeplessness, and unidentified pains
 • Postoperative symptoms, support of chemotherapy and radiation
 • Posttraumatic stress - accidents, whiplash, panic attacks and birth trauma
 • Learning disabilities


 • Headaches, back pain, and growing pains
 • Learning disabilities
 • After accidents, falls, and injuries
 • Emotional and physical stress
 • Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome
 • ADS and ADHD
 • Extreme shyness
 • Emotional instability
 • Impairment of speech and general development
 • Postural problems and scoliosis
 • TMJ and teeth problems
 • Birth Trauma


• After Birth traumas - cesarean, suction, forceps, long or fast birth
 • After emotional, physical shock and medical intervention
 • Gastrointestinal difficulties, koliks and vagus activities
 • Difficulties with breastfeeding
 • Crying babies
 • Sleeping problems
 • Asthma
 • Allergies
 • Problems with bonding and attachment
 • Fears, depression and autistic behaviour
 • Incomplete moulding (self-correction) of the cranium
 • Reflux
 • Cerebral palsy
 • Infections of the eyes, ears, and lungs
 • Pregnant woman and after birth
• To reduce physical and emotional stress
 • Back pain and general discomfort
 • Hormonal imbalances
 • Strengthening of the immune system
 • Preparation for the birth
 • After a difficult birth
 • Prenatal depression

Healing for adults, children, and babies. Based in Perth. Experienced therapist. Call +618 9433 4304.

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