Craniosacral Balancing Biodynamic Therapy

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What happens in a Session

In a session, the practitioner first takes some time to connect with her own primary respiration (PR). Then through gentle touch, the connection with the client's PR happens in its own time. In a respectful and negotiated way, she listens to the information received through the PR. This information can reveal traumas and blockages throughout the whole body, including the nervous system. 

The practitioner is then guided to recognize what support is needed in the healing process. Through connecting to biodynamic forces (health) in a client's body the practitioner encourages and helps the system to recognize its own inherent health. Self-healing mechanisms can be activated and trauma release.
The intention is to help the body to access again it's own ability to regulate. In this process, the client may relax or even fall asleep. At times he may feel sensations of releases in form of tingling, heat or sometimes even slight pain throughout his body. In some occasions, emotional traumas can surface, which will be safely attended to through verbal guidance. 

In this work, we explore mental processes, feelings and internal sensations and their physical manifestations. A session is received lying down and fully clothed.

After the session

Experiences after a session vary. They may include feeling relaxed, invigorated and more in touch with your body. Pain and tensions may have released.

The healing process continues after the session. It is possible to feel a time of reorganization in the body, which may include some discomfort. A change in your condition will be experienced over a period of time.


 1 ½ hours $80.00
Children and Babies 
 1 hour $60.00

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